Will the Hoodia Gordonii Fat Loss Product Genuinely Work?

Hoodia Gordonii is among the most recent fads going around with lots of praise by people who need to lose weight. But, do the facts warrant all the hoopla? How does it function? And, what we all want to know is: does it really give good results?

Research Showed Hunger Pains Turned Off

A controlled study was carried out with a group of people who had been allowed to watch TV, read, or eat. A control group was given a placebo while the treatment group was given Hoodia supplements. This group consumed on average 1000 less calories a day than the control group given a placebo.

The scientific explanation for Hoodia's results is that it has an effect on the hunger management center of your brain to indicate that you are full and not hungry. No hunger pains could mean less consumption, which would naturally result in a loss of weight.

Hoodia Used For Hundreds of Years By African Bushmen Throughout Long Hunting Trips

Hoodia Gordonii is an African cactus that grows geologically only within the Kalahari desert. For thousands of years the Bushmen of this area have consumed Hoodia Gordonii with no evident ill side effects, like the racing heart encounter of Ephedra or other supplements.

Some people have indicated that Hoodia produces a good overall feeling. Nevertheless, the bushman utilized the Hoodia Gordonii in moderation and further research are needed to look at the possible side effects of regular doses over a lengthy period of time.

Will the Hoodia Gordonii Help you Shed Weight?

The molecule that is linked to the hunger suppressing abilities of Hoodia Gordonii, now called P57, seems to impact both humans and animals. The major study up to now has shown that the Hoodia appetite suppressant produced hunger suppression in the range of 30 to 40%. In addition, there is anecdotal evidence from thousands of people who indicate that consuming Hoodia Gordoni had significant effects on their hunger cravings.

The hunger that results from exercise or consuming high carbohydrate meals is often not affected by Hoodia. The needs of the body to restock nutrients utilized by exercise or the drop in blood sugar after a high carb meal counteract the effects of P57.

As with any weight reduction program it is essential to adapt a diet and lifestyle to experience the most profound modifications. Suppressing the appetite should not be a substitute for high-quality nutrition and healthy living. It could be well to remember that long term usage of Hoodia Gordonii has not been evaluated so Hoodia should not be part of a long term diet. The concentration of P57 also varies from vendor to vendor. The active ingredient in many products isn't enough to produce the desired effects and ought to be chosen wisely.