Making Art Journals With Maïan

Art Journal1

 C’est vendredi!

Just wanted to show you a little project that Maïan and I completed recently.  We made ….


Art Journal2

I spotted these amazing art journals / sketch books around the blogosphere a few months back and promised Maïan that we would make some.

Maïan makes amazing drawings and I thought it was high time that she did them in style. Plus I have been trying my hand at sketching patterns and that too deserved a special home.

So I tracked down the pattern and low and behold, it was FREE.  Indeed,  Vanessa from LBG Studio gives away this tutorial, with pictures and all, on her website.   She should seriously charge money for it…

Art Journal3

These are so sweet.

They have a pocket with a flap to hold all pencils and such.

 There’s also two larger pockets, one to hold the backside of the note pad, and one to hide all sorts of treasures.

Art Journal4

I made this one below…

Art Journal5

And Maïan, who is turning 12 this summer, made this one!

Art Journal6

I know… it’s the second time I gush about Vanessa from LBG Studio this week.

Well, you probably haven’t finished hearing me gush about her… she’s been sort of a mentor lately in terms of my photography and has convinced me to take the plunge and use the manual settings on my camera.  I’ve also purchased her Photography for Bloggers E-Book which has been quite helpful in understand the behind the scenes aspect of photography.

(*** And I am just finding out that Designs By Sessa is giving away a copy of Vanessa’s Photography for Bloggers E-Book… Contest ends tonight at midnight, Saturday, March 14th so hurry up!***)

These pictures you see in this post are my first attempt at using all manual settings.  Not bad for a first try I think!

 (Notice that I chose to attempt this using still objects in lieu of uncooperative children)…

I am very excited about the entire process… so much to learn but it’s insanely fun!

So thank you my new friend Vanessa for:

1. Your doll basket inspiration

2. Your free art journal pattern

3. Your amazing tips and insight into photography and photo editing

4. For being so sweet and patient in answering all my silly questions in the last few weeks

… did I mention that we barely know each other and yet, she’s been spending tons of time helping me out???  I only wish I had some knowledge with which to repay her…

In the meantime, I will just keep gushing about  the insanely talented Vanessa from LBG Studio!

 Art Journal7

Bonne fin de semaine les amies!

Make It and Love It

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